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Communication and digital society: new technologies, social networks, media and law

Today’s society is marked by the impact of new communication models and media that have transformed the way people relate to each other.

This thematic line covers the transformations caused by social networks in mass communication and the effects they produce in the way in which organizations and other social actors use them as a means of communication and dissemination of information. How new technologies are also changing social organizations, companies or entities and how they relate to the social environment and what effects they may have on other branches such as law.

In addition, this line of research covers existing communicative practices in the digital society. New discourses in social networks, impact of digital communication at a sociological level, new educational spaces of communication in digital platforms, communication and power, and mechanisms of information control.

Therefore, papers related to communication, digital society, social networks, new technologies, digital platforms, law, institutional communication and political communication will be accepted.

Prof. María Sáez de Propios

Degree in Journalism from CEU San Pablo University.
Graduate in Law from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
PhD Candidate in Law and Economics. International Doctoral School CEU (CEINDO)
Director of the Communications Office of the Catholic University of Avila (UCAV).
Professor at the Catholic University of Avila
DEKIS Research Group
Her lines of research deal with: Law in the information society



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