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The need for new professionals who are able to lead within their respective organizations the use of new digital technologies will mark the future of the new social structures, and the company is no stranger to it. In the coming years we will see how the new digital native workforce will complete the process of defining new rules of the game in the market. Knowing how it is affecting companies and society in general a new reality connected to new technologies, digital economy, digital transformation, technology-based entrepreneurship, ICT Management and massive data; new forms of payment, new forms of organization, artificial intelligence, big data and internet of things; are going to be essential to be able to apply the change in the value chain.

The organizers invite professors, researchers, professionals and specialized scientists to participate in the congress by submitting paper proposals.

Dr. Sergio Luis Náñez Alonso
Coordinator Ávila Business School-Catholic University of Ávila
Professor of Economics and Business
DEKIS Research Group
His research focuses on the area of digital currencies, financial system/financial inclusion and tax incentives.

Dr. Ricardo Reier Forradellas

Director of Avila Business School.
DEKIS Research Group
Professor of Economics and Business
His research deals with corporate finance and digital transformation of companies.

Participation in the congress results in the following academic outcomes:

Certificate of attendance to the congress.

Certificate of speaker at the congress.

Publication of the abstract in the proceedings book edited by Universidad Católica de Ávila*.

Publication of book chapters by Dykinson publishing house (Q1 SPI-General)**.

See more detailed results in the curricular results section.

* Each registered author can participate in 3 abstracts and 3 book chapters. All authors must be registered.

** According to the current SPI ranking, the organization is not responsible for future variations of the impact index, since it is beyond their control.