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Corporate social responsibility and digitization in business

In an increasingly competitive world, new technologies are playing a key role in the development of organizations. And while it is true that they are a tool that can facilitate many processes, they also carry inherent risks. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can help to correct deviations. Within this thematic line, various works can be presented, from the analysis of how digitization has favored the communication of good business practices (CSR), to the specific analysis of the need or implementation of this in the different areas of the company. But, all this, sifted by the need for a socially responsible application of the same”.

Dra. Mª Peana Chivite Cebolla

Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management
DEKIS Research Group
Professor in the area of Economics and Business in Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees.
Main lines of research: CSR, financial transparency, digital transformation, social economy.

Dra. Maripaz Muñoz Prieto

Director of the Quality Service of the UCAV.
Director of the Master in Advanced Accounting and Auditing.
Research Group “Social Economy and Sustainable Development Goals (ESODS)
Professor of Economics and Business
Her research deals with environmental accounting, social responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dra. Noelia Muñoz del Nogal

She currently directs the Department of Promotion and Development of the UCAV and is a professor in the area of Economics and Business at the UCAV.
She is a member of the Research Group on Social Economy and Sustainable Development Goals, as well as of the Observatory of Social and Solidarity Economy. Both at the UCAV.
He has directed and participated in several national and international research projects.
Author of books, book chapters and numerous articles in scientific publications.



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