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Digitalization of commercial companies

This thematic line will cover all the work related to the digitization processes of commercial companies at any level of their operation: incorporation, convening and holding of general shareholders’ meetings, voting on resolutions, holding of board meetings, registration, filing of annual accounts, tax returns, applications for insolvency proceedings, liquidations, mergers, acquisitions, amendments to the bylaws, etc.

Small and large commercial companies are the legal forms that will mainly drive the economic recovery in Spain and that are called to play a leading role in the dynamization of the productive fabric and the labor market in the coming years in our country. For this reason, both in those of new incorporation and in those that are already operating in the mercantile traffic, it seems necessary that the legislator adapts the current regulations that are applicable in this matter, to the advantages offered by the new technologies, in order to favor the flexibility and agility of their creation, operation and ways of relating with other private entities, with individuals and with the public authorities.

Dr. Iván Martín Gómez

Vice-Dean of the Law, Economics and Business Area. Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences. Catholic University of Avila.
Professor of Law, Economics and Business. Catholic University of Avila.
His research deals with commercial law and business administration.



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