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Other lines of work in Digitalization and Business

The digitization of business encompasses very broad concepts and processes that affect various parameters of the company and its reality. Therefore, the organizers of the congress, being aware that sometimes it is difficult to delimit whether a paper fits or not in a particular area, propose this line called “Other lines of work in Digitization and Business”.
This line will include all those academic papers that, although related to these two aspects, do not fit clearly and directly in any of the symposia developed in the international congress. The coordinators and reviewers of this line, in addition to the quality of the work, will evaluate its suitability for the congress and its purpose.

Dr. Sergio Luis Náñez Alonso

Coordinator Avila Business School-Catholic University of Avila
Professor of Economics and Business
DEKIS Research Group
His research focuses on the area of digital currencies, financial system/financial inclusion and tax incentives.

Dr. Ricardo Reier Forradellas

Director of Avila Business School.
DEKIS Research Group
Professor of Economics and Business
His research deals with corporate finance and digital transformation of companies.



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